Day: June 17, 2020

ABC this fall: Three new, lotsa old

For TV viewers, this fall will seem a lot like last fall.
ABC today (June 17) announced a schedule that has only three new shows — which still puts it at the top of the list. CBS will have two new ones … NBC will havbe one (a “Law & Order” spin-off) … Fox and CW will have makeshift line-up in the fall, with the big shows returning later.
The network also does some shuffling, including moving “The Bachelorette” (shown here with Clare Crawley) to fall. Such moves were needed because the coronavirus shutdown came just as producers were getting ready to shoot pilot films. The networks could: Read more…

CW adds more summer pick-ups

While other networks recede into reruns this summer, the CW is trying an alternate route.
It keeps buying shows that have aired somewhere else, but haven’t been on a U.S. broadcast network.
Now it has added four more – three British, one Canadian. It has also set the second half of its summer schedule.
The British newcomers included a horror mystery show (“Killer Camp,” shown here), a reality competition (“Taskmaster”) and a reality show (“Being Reuben”) about a 14-year-old Welsh boy who became a social-media star as a singer and make-up expert. The Canadian show (“Fridge Wars”) has people scouring unknown contents of a refrigerator to assemble a meal. Read more…