Day: August 10, 2020

Best-bets for Aug. 12: “SHIELD” ends, “Dance” picks a winner

1) “Agents of SHIELD” series finale, 9 and 10 p.m., ABC. A hugely ambitious effort – seven seasons and 136 episodes, leaping across planets and across time – concludes. Sybil – who got inside the computer system – and Nathanial are close to eliminating SHIELD from ever existing. Leo Fitz (Iain De Caestecker, shown here in a previous episode), who was killed in one timeline, is back. So are Piper, Davis, Enoch and Flint, in battles to save the world. Read more…

Tough task: Be the quickest-canceled show ever

Television has now tied one of its least-desired records: Quickest cancellation of a show.
Viewers watching the CW network at 9 p.m. Sunday suddenly saw a “Supernatural” episode. The scheduled show, “Taskmaster,” had been dropped after one episode.
It ties other shows that were dumped after one outing … or maybe less. “It wasn’t even a full episode,” George Schlatter, the “Turn-On” producer, has said. “One guy canceled us at the commercial break.” Read more…