Day: February 4, 2021

Best-bets for Feb. 6: A wild night on Super Bowl eve

1) “A Wild Year on Earth,” 8 p.m., BBC America. This third episode begins in May, amid fierce changes. North America is in its tornado season, Indonesia starts four months of monsoon rain (up to 30 inches in a day) and South Africa goes dry. We get awesome wildlife footage, from tree frogs in Sri Lanka to mustangs (shown here, but not in a scene from the film) in the U.S., plus cuttlefish, with their grabby, eight-armed lust. There are stunning scenes, including humans celebrating the summer solstice at Stonehenge and beyond. Read more…

Super Bowl preview aims at fans … and all the others

TV has abandoned the notion of grabbing all the viewers at once … except on Super Bowl Sunday.
Nowadays, a show is a hit if it gets five million people to watch it live. The Super Bowl? At a typical moment during the game, more than 100 million people are watching.
That means the sprawling pre-game show faces a challenge: It must range “from people who like football to people who aren’t that much football fans,” said Drew Kaliski, who produces the show.
Yes, there will be talk about the game itself (Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Bucs), which kicks off at 6:30 p.m. ET on CBS. We’ll have more about that at the end of this story. But the pre-game shows, starting at 11:30 a.m. ET, will also have Joe Biden, James Corden, Jay Pharoah, The Weeknd, Roy Wood and Desus & Mero (shown here , with lots of packaged features. “They’re informative, they’re emotional, they’re entertaining,” Kaliski said. Read more…