Day: February 27, 2021

ABC adds a fresh burst of soul

“Soul of a Nation” arrives Tuesday on ABC, eluding all the usual categories.
It’s “a journey through Black storytelling,” Marie Nelson, creator of the six-week series, told the Television Critics Association.
It’s also “sort of a news variety show,” said producer Robe Imbriano. It can have Common (shown herein a previous performance) one moment and a look at Black reparations the next. Read more…

Best-bets for March 1: NBC rules with “Voice,” “Debris”

1) “Debris” debut, 10 p.m. , NBC. When an alien spacecraft exploded, it scattered debris over the hemisphere. Those chunks have an other-worldly power to manipulate physics (including a floating body, shown here) and feelings. Now officials, working in secret, try to find and suppress the debris; bad guys want to harness the energy. “Debris” faces an eternal problem: Networks often cancel sci-fi shows abruptly, leaving crises in limbo. Still, this one can tell a self-contained story with each piece found; the opener packs strong emotions. Read more…