Day: July 11, 2021

Wiig has two roles here, one great and one …

It would be best to watch Kristen Wiig’s new movie with a large, loopy audience.
Date night would be good; bar night would be better. Alas, neither is likely.
Intended for movie theaters, “Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar” was stopped by COVID. Ater a video-on-demand run, it has just debuted on Hulu. Home viewers will love some parts, but others will leave them going: “Huh?!?”
At the core are two terrific characters (shown hee), created by people who know comedy. Wiig was the go-to star of “Saturday Night Live” for years, then became a movie star. Annie Mumolo has had supporting and voice roles on TV and has written a few small movies and one big one. Read more…

Best-bets for July 13: baseball’s best, comedy’s cleverest

1) “Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail” debut, 10:30 p.m., TBS. The third “Miracle Workers” season is unrelated to the others – except in everything that counts. It has the same stars, the same ceator (Simon Rich) and the same quirky and clever humor. This time, Daniel Radcliffe is a clergyman, floundering in the frontier; Geraldine Viswanathan is a zestful parishioner in a drab marriage. Steve Buscemi (shown here with Radcliffe) is the wayward guy who claims he can lead their wagon train west. Read more…

Need new, scripted shows? They’re coming July 11

At first glance, our summer TV line-ups already seem to be loaded.
There’s a ton of reality shows, a half-ton of game shows. There are oceans of sharks. ABC has the basketball finals and NBC is waiting semi-patiently for the July 23 start of the Olympics.
Is there anything missing? Yes, actually. New, scripted shows have been scarce … until now.
They’ll arrive in one gulp on Sunday (July 11). That night has the debuts of three series(including HBO’s “White Lotus,” shown here) and the season-openers of two more; that’s five new, scripted shows … plus one that looks at past comedies. Read more…

Mega-Magnolia emerges from amiable Texans

It’s an imposing task, one that might suggest Oprah, God or Disney: Create an entire network, built around one force.
That’s what the Magnolia Network is trying. On July 15, it becomes a streaming network inside Discovery+, fashioned around the design and renovation sensibilities of Chip and Joanna Gaines; a half-year later, it will also be cable channel, replacing DIY.
Such mega-projects have been tried before – the Oprah Winfrey Network, the Disney Channel, the Christian Broadcast Network – but they demand a lot. “It feels like an unquenchable amount of content, that you have to provide that machine,” Chip told the Television Critics Association. Read more…