Day: August 11, 2021

Best-bets for Aug. 13: Two strong series conclude

1) “Icon: Music Through the Lens” finale, 9 and 10 p.m., PBS. At first, photographer Gered Mankowitz says, his work seemed temporary. “The idea that a (rock-music) photo would have a life a year later” was odd. Then life changed; photos of Janis (shown here) and Mick and such filled books and galleries. Photographers were special … until super-cameras arrived. “Do we really need a camera that can make me an omelet?” Neal Preston asks. In 60 years, the annual number of images increased 460-fold; these excellent hours offer vivid stories. Read more…

After a looong pause, PBS ripples with music and dance

Right now, the arts world is ready to end one of the longest intermissions ever.
Broadway is rehearsing, orchestras are retooling, bands and ballerinas are reviving. They reflect “the resiliency of the performing arts,” PBS president Paula Kerger told the Television Critics Association.
Now her network will spotlight that. Even before its fall season starts, PBS has specials celebrating orchestra (Aug. 27), Broadway (Aug. 29), an opera conductor (Sept. 3) and ballet (Sept. 17).
There’s more in the fall, including a John Williams (shown here) premiere, a Martin Scorsese film and a triple-diva concert that reflects the resiliency Kerger was discussing. Read more…