Academy Award telecast 2021

Oscar telecast: Lotsa talk, little fun

My favorite Academy Award winners this year were Anthony Hopkins and Ann Roth.
Not that I particularly thought they were best in their categories (actor and costumes) … but because they weren’t there. That meant two fewer speeches in this acceptance marathon.
Lots of jobs have been eliminated during this difficult year, but one task was absolutely vital to our happiness. That’s the bandleader who plays music when it’s time for someone to quit talking.
This year? No leader … and no band … and no end to the speeches. Read more…

Nashville soars; Hollywood snores?

On Sunday (April 18), Nashville reminded us of something important: An award show — shown here with Carrie Underwood and CeCe Winans — can be very good.
A week later, Hollywood may remind us of the flip side: Awards can be truly, terribly awful.
These shows used to be partly built on the fun of seeing celebrities being themselves (or, perhaps, prettier versions of themselves). They said things that were funny or fumbling or emotional or whatever.
But all of that has changed lately. They recite names; they thank managers and agents and, worse, “my team.” They are dull; the show can only be saved with humor and/or music. So what will the Oscars do, from 8-11 p.m. ET April 25? It is banishing humor — no host, no funny presenters (so far) — and music; the five nominated songs will be wedged into the preview at 6:30 p.m., lest entertainment take any time away from droning speeches. Read more…