Ariana DeBose

At last, a bit of good news: There will be a Tonycast

With TV mired in its summer-and-strike slump, viewers need a shred of good news.
Now they have one: There will be a Tony telecast, after all. It will be June 11, Ariana DeBose (shown here) will again host and – if the past is any indication – it will be great fun.
CBS had already been promoting the show, but others had doubts. If writers were picketing, performers might have stayed away in support. Read more…

CBS remembers (sometimes) to make it special

In a pre-packaged, pre-processed world, television should be its best when it’s live and, well, special.
TV specials have offered music, humor and even bits of spontaneity. Then they seemed to disappear … except on CBS.
That comes to mind now, after a one-two punch: On June 12 was a terrific Tony Award ceremony, propelled by the immense talent of Ariana DeBose. On June 24 was a Daytime Emmy (shown here) ceremony that was really quite adequate … which makes it roughly 3,000-percent better than last year’s show. Read more…