Daisy Haggard

FX breeds comedy chaos

Television used to give us plenty of perfect parents.
Father knew best. Ozzie and Harriet had it all figured out; so did the Bradys, the Huxtables and more.
But now comes “Breeder” (shown here), which is sort of about the rest of us.
“When you become a parent,” said Simon Blackwell, one of the show’s creators, “you’re given this perfect human being …. And theoretically, you can do it perfectly. But you won’t and you will fail.” Read more…

Back to brevity with the clever “Back to Life”

Living in the land of bulk, American TV series want to go mega. Seven seasons, at 22 episodes a year, will do fine.
But British TV comes in all sizes. The latest example is “Back to Life,” the splendid little Showtime series. It debuts at 10 and 10:30 p.m. Nov. 10 (five weeks later than originally scheduled) and its first season has only six half-hour episodes
.That’s three hours total. The whole series is an hour shorter than “Cleopatra,” even 39 minutes shorter than “Heaven’s Gate.” In that time, we get drama, comedy and a big finish. Read more…