Greta Thunberg

Separated by 76 years, they’re Earth Day giants

This was like a downsized climate summit.
The world’s two best-know nature activists met, reflecting different eras: David Attenborough is 94; Greta Thunberg (shown here) is 18.
He started working on his first animal show a half-century before she was born; later, he began including warnings about climate change. “I’ve been promoting this for a long time,” he tells her in a PBS film. “But the big changes came when you spoke.” Now both have their say:
– She’s at the core of PBS’ “Greta Thunberg: A Year to Change the World,” which debuted on Earth Day and reruns at 8 p.m. on three Wednesdays. It’s a journey across North America and Europe, including that brief chat (shown in the May 5 episode) with Attenborough. Read more…