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Harry & Meghan: Amiable souls emerge (eventually)

For the first few minutes of “Harry & Meghan,” it’s kind of hard to like these people.
And then, surprisingly, we do. The documentary overcomes its start and offers two amiable souls.
The second half of the six-hour mini-series will arrive next Thursday (Dec. 15) on Netflix and may reverse things agaiu. For now, however, it’s an interesting ride.
The series makes the mistake of starting with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (shown here) grumbling about the forces that caused them to retreat from royal life. They’re sort of right, but what viewers see are enviable lives – beautiful places where beautiful people have lots of free time. We know they’ve been wronged, but they don’t feel like tragic figures. Then “Harry & Meghan” begins the actual chronology, which is where it should have started. Read more…