Jane Austen

It will be the final season for “Sanditon” romance

“Sanditon” – the show that took two centuries to launch – will end this spring.
PBS has announced that the third sepason, starting March 19, will be the last. In that season, several newcomers will arrive to complicate the fractured love life of Charlotte (Rose Williams, shown here).
Jane Austen had barely started her “Sanditon” novel when she died in 1817, at 41. Afterward, some authors tried to complete the story, with little success. Then came the PBS/British co-production. Read more…

After changes and scrambles, “Sanditon” returns

Even before “Sanditon” reached America two years ago, PBS had a dilemma.
Like virtually everything on “Masterpiece Theatre,” this was a global project, with a British network paying more and getting it first. And that network had already decided not to do a second season.
“We knew that (it) had been canceled before it even aired on ‘Masterpiece,’” Susanne Simpsons, the “Masterpiece” producer, said in a Television Critics Association virtual press conference.
The new season (shown here) finally returns March 20, but she was taking a chance: If there never was a second year, characters would have been left hanging; viewers would have been bitter. Since this is based on a novel that Jane Austen had barely started before her death in 1817, they couldn’t check a book to see how it ends. Read more…

Austen’s tale is completed … 200 years later

Let’s credit Andrew Davies for consummate patience.
He’s the master adapter, an expert on turning British classics – especially ones by Jane Austen – into TV scripts. But he waited 80-plus years for the ultimate challenge.
That’s “Sanditon” (shown here with Rose Williams and Theo James), which Austen had barely started. “She didn’t really get any further than introducing the characters and the premise. (All of) Jane Austen’s material, I used up in the first half of the first episode,” Davies, 83, told the Television Critics Association in July. Read more…