Kennedy McMann

Double duty? “Nancy Drew” star knows the drill

In the new “Nancy Drew” series, Nancy does double duty; she’s a waitress who solves crimes.
That seems like a lot … except to aspiring actors. They’re forever leaping between day jobs – waiters and waitresses, usually – and auditions.
Kennedy McMann (shown here), the new Nancy, varied slightly, working as an afterschool nanny. “I would be, like, ‘Hey, guys, you know what’s a fun playtime? Help me learn my lines.’” Read more…

CW: Too much of a good (usually) thing?

If consistency is a virtue, then … well, the CW is our most virtuous TV network.
But if variety is the spice of life? This spice rack is almost empty.
The mini-network is in its premiere week now, two weeks after the big guys started. It has two new shows – the impressive “Batwoman” and the not-bad “Nancy Drew” — and lots of same-old.
Many of those shows have followed “Arrow” (shown here), which is starting its final, 10-episode season, “Who would have thought it would spawn six shows, a whole universe?” asked Mark Pedowitz, the CW’s programming chief. Read more…