La Brea TV show

Life transforms, among the wooly mammoths

(Interesting little story about the amputee actress from Michigan who co-stars in “La Brea,” which starts its second season Tuesday, Sept. 27, on NBC. This works any time, print or Web. As with any of my stories, feel free to share it with other Gannett papers in Michigan.)

By Mike Hughes
As the second “La Brea” season begins, Zyra Gorecki’s world transforms.
She’s the Michigan actress who plays Izzy, a teen who spent the first season simply being a victim. Izzy had lost her leg in an accident … lost connection with her dad because of his emotional turmoil … then lost her mom, who was swallowed by a giant sinkhole, ending up in 10,000 BC.
As the second season starts (9 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 27, on NBC and then on Peacock), some of that has changed. Izzy and her dad plunged into an alternate sinkhole, ending up in prehistoric Seattle.
“It was really weird just thinking about, like being in 10,000 BC and having a fake leg and all of the garbage that goes with it,” Gorecki said. Read more…

Will “La Brea” sink into the quick-hook pit?

As NBC’s “La Brea” begins, the world crumbles.
A giant sinkhole develops in Los Angeles. Buildings fall; people flee. Some escape, others plunge into a giant netherworld (shown here), where ancient creatures loom. And viewers are left with key questions:
Are there really sinkholes in Los Angeles? Do extinct animals really roam under the earth? And – most importantly – can we ever trust NBC to finish what it started?
The answers are yes and no and absolutely not. Let’s take that last one first: Read more…