Martin Clunes

“Doc” departs with wit, drama and a rogue turkey

This year’s best Christmas TV movie doesn’t arrive until after Christmas. And isn’t quite a movie.
Still, we’ll count it. It does have guys in Santa suits, some mistletoe, a proposal, a pregnancy and lots of small-town charm. That should be enough.
We’re talking about the finale – the series-finale, sadly – of “Doc Martin” (shown here). It’s available Dec. 31 at, the streaming service that has all 10 seasons of the series plus (starting on the 31st) a documentary about it. Read more…

Real-life police hero: no guns or quips or lollipops

By now, we’ve seen lots of TV cops.
We’ve met cops with attitudes, cops with quips, cops with guns or lollipops. Now meet Colin Sutton – the real-life Englishman at the core of two “Manhunt” stories (shown here with Martin Clunes as Sutton), the second arriving on
Calm and quiet, Sutton is like no TV cop, with one exception: “There’s a faint element of Columbo,” said Ed Whitmore, the series’ writer and producer. He “invites people to underestimate him.” Read more…

Doc Martin is back, glower and all

For a good chunk of Martin Clunes’ year, the transformation is total.
The suit and tie go on; the glower returns. He becomes a country doctor with a city soul; he becomes a guy with great medical skill – unless blood is involved – and an awful bedside manner.
Then the “Doc Martin” filming ends and he reverts to being the opposite. “I’m far too keen to please,” said Clunes (shown here with Caroline Catz, who plays his wife(. “I wish I had his ability to explain to people that he is always right and they are wrong.” Read more…