Mayim Bialik

“Kat’ comedy called back for next season

“Call Me Kat” – Mayim Bialik’s amiable, throwback sort of comedy – will be back next season.
The Fox network made the belated announcement today (May 10), just a week before it unveils its schedule for next fall. It even managed to somehow proclaim “Kat” (shown here with Bialik and Cheyenne Jackson) as “television’s #1 new comedy.” Read more…

Bialik detoured into stardom (again)

In the new comedy “Call Me Kat,” life has taken a detour.
Kat didn’t expect to be the owner of a cat cafe. No one does.
But Mayim Bialik, who stars, understands the neat randomness of life. She is, after all, a neuroscientist who returned to acting, almost by accident.
“I was running out of health insurance,” Bialik (shown here with co-star Cheyenne Jackson) told the Television Critics Association. “I went back to acting so I could literally just get enough for insurance to cover my toddler and my infant.” Then she overachieved: She did nine seasons on “The Big Bang Theory,” which became TV’s most-watched comedy. Now she stars in “Kat,” produced by her “Big Bang” husband, Jim Parsons. Read more…