Must Love Christmas

We must love a cliche-scarce Christmas movie

If you think it’s hard to watch all these Christmas movies, imagine what it’s like to write them.
Consider Mark Amato. He used to be your standard TV writer, doing multiple episodes of “Mutant X,” “Baby Daddy,” etc. But in recent years, he’s had 13 TV movies produced; 10 were Christmas ones and two were she-meets-a-prince ones.
He’s used a lot of plots and groped for more. “You sit at a computer and the words aren’t coming,” he said. “Or, worse, they’re coming, just not any good.”
So he turned that struggle into his latest movie (shown here). ““Must Love Christmas” (9 p.m. Dec. 11) is the second of three new holiday films CBS airs on consecutive Sundays. The first (“Fit For Christmas”) was disappointing, the third (“When Christmas Was Young,” Dec. 18) has its moments … but it’s this middle one that stands out. Read more…

New Christmas movies: Here are the best (and worst)

Sure, all those cable Christmas movies look the same.
They have the same sunny faces, same glittery settings, same songs (public-domain, no problem getting rights) in the background.
But once you get past that, they vary widely. There are some good ones (really); that includes “Must Love Christmas,” shown here. There are also some awful ones (obviously) and a lot in-between.
We sampled a dozen of them, many from around Thanksgiving weekend, when key ones arrive. The dates listed here are when they first air, but don’t worry: Christmas movies, like old Christmas sweaters, never really go away: Read more…