On the Trail: Inside the 2020 Primaries

Reporters’ lives spin in political winds

Whenever a candidate is chosen – for president, for vice-president, whatever – the impact spreads.
Lives change, people move, careers are stalled or propelled. Reporters try to shrug it off.
“We roll from one assignment to the next,” insisted Kyung Lah (shown here, right, with Jasmine Wright), one of the CNN reporters featured in a new HBO Max documentary. When one candidate she covered dropped out of the presidential primaries, another was available.
“In my case, (Kamala) Harris ended, (Amy) Klobuchar ended.” Lah told the Television Critics Association. “Now (I cover) COVID …. We just roll from one to the next.”
Except sometimes, she can roll back again. A week after Lah said that, Harris was chosen as the vice-presidential candidate; Lah was back to politics, doing CNN comnentary on someone she’s covered. Read more…