Space Jam: A New Legacy review

Bugs and LeBron? 10 plus 10 equals 2 or 3

By the end of the “Space Jam” sequel, most of the Warner Brothers empire has been pushed into duty.
Yes, Bugs Bunny and his Looney Tunes friends (shown here) are the stars, but you’ll also glimpse Yogi Bear and his Hanna-Barbera pals. There are brief glimpses of Wonder Woman and Superman and King Kong, of classics both old (“Casablanca”) and new (“Game of Thrones”).
All of this reminds us that sometimes more is less, that sometimes 10 plus 10 plus 10 equals 2 or 3.
“Space Jam: A New Legacy” – now on HBO Max and in theaters – does have its moments. I laughed out loud at one bit, a reference to Michael Jordan, who starred in the original, 1996 “Space Jam.” But then it pours on more moments … and more … and more. Read more…