The Crown review

“The Crown”: Great drama, flaws (many) and all

Many shows vanish in an eyeblink. Moments after fading from the screen, they fade from our minds.
Then there’s Netflix’s “The Crown” (shown here), which sticks around. Two weeks after the fourth season arrived (Nov. 15), the British press has been awash with commentaries. Even the New York Times – located 3,500 miles from Buckingham Palace – had several pieces about it, including Nov. 27 and 28. So let me jump in here, with a few comments:
From a sheer drama-craftsmanship view, this season is a resounding success. Even with some flaws – and there are big ones – it is brilliantly written, filmed and (mostly) played. Catch all 10 episodes.
And accuracy? That seems to be another matter. Read more…