Day: March 21, 2019

A Superstore superstorm hits LA and St. Louis

At the time, this seemed like Hollywood whimsy
.For an episode that airs Thursday, “Superstore” shot a blizzard in Los Angeles. “People were bringing their kids to … see snow for the first time,” said Colton Dunn, who plays Garrett.
It seemed especially odd, because the show is set in St. Louis, which barely averages 15 inches of snow a year.
And then? In January – after that episode was shot – a storm hit. St. Louis had 8-12 inches; parts of Missouri had 20. Read more…

Arquette is back: New troubles, new transformation

Patricia Arquette was busy un-transforming.
She was returning to her old self, after being Tilly in “Escape to Dannemora.” Then she found Dee Dee and “The Act.”
I started losing weight after ‘Dannemora,’“ Arquette sid. “Then I stopped for this.”
It’s another true story, another troubled soul, another transformation — this time holding back a tad. Read more…