Day: May 10, 2019

Here are Bunker and “Big Bang,” old and new

Right now, TV viewers can tour classic comedies, old and new.
At the core are network events on May 16 and 22. Before that, two other channels – one cable, one digital – get us in the mood:
— May 16: “The Big Bang Theory” has its final new episodes on CBS. Earlier — including tonight (May 10) — cable’s TBS has “Big Bang” reruns, often focusing on one character per night
.– May 22: ABC tries live productions of scripts from “All in the Family” and “The Jeffersons.” Before that, the GetTV digital channel has a five-night, 30-episode “All in the Family” spree. Read more…

Best bets for May 12: The end for “Veep” and (almost) “Thrones”

1) All night, HB0. It’s a time of departing greatness at HBO. “Game of Thrones” has its finale next week; tonight, we get a new episode at 9 p.m. and a rerun of the previous one at 7:30. Then (after a 10:20 “Barry”), “Veep” has is finale at 10:50. “Veep” has won the best-comedy-series Emmy for three straight years … and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (shown here) has won the comedy-actress Emmy in each of the show’s six seasons. Tonight, we see if Selina (Louis-Dreyfus) gets her party’s nomination for president. Read more…

CBS renews … almost everything

Next week, the networks unveil their new fall line-ups. CBS fans, however, don’t have a lot of worries.
Today, the network renewed six drama hours and two news shows. That follows previous renewals of three comedies and eight dramas. Add them together and you already have 17 1/2 hours of a 22-hour season. Here’s a recap:
— Dramas renewed today: “SWAT” (shown here), “SEAL Team,” “Bull,” “Madam Secretary” and two Friday shows, “MacGyver” and “Hawaii 5-0.” Read more…