Day: September 2, 2019

TV wrestling starts a rowdy new era

A generation ago, Teal Piper (shown here) recalls, wrestling didn’t seem like an equal-opportunity workplace.
“Women were really accessories to the men,” she said. They were there for sex appeal.
She once expressed that opinion to her father – possibly in a snarky, teenager way. “He just let me have it.” He slammed his fist, broke the table, and lectured that women work twice as hard.
It should be mentioned that her dad, the late wrestling star Rowdy Roddy Piper, had table-thumping strength plus social consciousness. “He had three daughters and he was a feminist at heart.” Read more…

Best-bets for Sept. 4: Chefs go global

1) “MasterChef,” 8 p.m., Fox. Two weeks from its finale, this is down to the final six home chefs. There are four men, ranging from Nick DiGiovanni, 22, to Subha Ramiah (shown here), 54, and two women – a stay-at-home mom (Shari Mukherjee, 34) and a former Army interrogator (Sarah Faherty, 31). Now — in the show’s first global episode – they’re flown to Gordon Ramsay’s flagship restaurant in London, where they serve 36 guests, including his family. Read more…