Day: April 25, 2020

Quick changes: Music reruns, new “SNL”

Right now, networks are scrambling to fill their virus voids.
Changes are made quickly — sometimes too quickly for viewers toi catch up. This weekend:
Saturday (April 25), 8-10 p.m.: CBS reruns “Let’s Go Crazy” (shown here), its Grammy tribute to Prince. Taped before the virus shutdowns, that was packed with stars, from Alicia Keys, Beck and John Legend to the Foo Fighters and Earth, Wind & Fire. Read more…

Best-bets for April 27: “Voice” pauses before at-home phase

1) “The Voice,” 8-10 p.m, NBC. This is a perfect time to catch up, as the show prepares for its detour. It had taped its episodes early, trimming to 17 contestants (including Arei Moon, shown here). But that was before the coronavirus was forcing shows to shut down or use social-distancing. Now “Voice” pauses to show what’s happened so far. Next week, the three-week finals will have music from home, “American Idol” style. Read more…

“Dreadful” has it all — from Nazis to demons

The new “Penny Dreadful” season sprawls across huge emotional turf.
It ranges from scheming Nazis to a sweet-spirited evangelist. It has crooked politicians, troubled cops (shown here with Daniel Zovatto and Nathan Lane), displaced families and a deadly Latina demon.
Yes, a demon. “As a Mexican, I have lots of stories in my family about supernatural things … We have a lot of stories and we love these stories,” Adriana Barraza said. Read more…