Day: November 11, 2021

Stockwell’s child-star years get TCM focus

To many TV viewers, Dean Stockwell was the actor who filled catchy supporting roles in “Quantum Leap” and beyond.
But Stockwell was also a child star. On Nov. 22, a Turner Classic Movies marathon will have seven films he made before he was a teen-ager, including “Kim” (show here with Errol Flynn) and “The Secret Garden”; most of them were dead-serious, many had crying scenes.
Stockwell died Sunday (Nov. 7) at 85, six years after he had a stroke and retired from acting. By then, people knew him as a supporting actor on “Quantum Leap” (getting four Emmy nominations), “JAG” and “Battlestar Galactica.” Read more…

Best-bets for Nov. 13: holiday flurry & Swift “SNL”

1) “A Picture Perfect Holiday,” 8 p.m., Lifetime. We’re still 12 days from Thanksgiving, but Christmas movies abound. The Hallmark Channel started new ones before Halloween; at 8 p.m. today, it has “My Christmas Family Tree” and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries has “Christmasin My Heart.” Now others jump in. At 7 and 11 p.m. ET, UPtv debuts “A Snowy Christmas.” At 8, Lifetime has Tatyana Ali (shown here) of “Fresh Prince,” as a fashion photographer; on a reluctant vacation, she meets a willdlife photographer. Read more…

They fought for the U.S. … which then wanted to deport them

John Valadez had become an expert on subjects of bias, law and Mexican-Americans.
Still, this was new to him: Two brothers (shown here), both U.S. war veterans, said they were fighting deportation.
“I wasn’t sure whether or not to believe him,” Valadez recalled. “It seemed really weird.”
But it turned out to be true. The result – almost a decade later – is “American Exile,” at 10 p.m. Tuesday (Nov. 16), on PBS. Read more…