Day: April 29, 2022

Best-bets for May 1: drama debuts, “Idol,” more

1) “Ten Percent” (shown here) debut, 10 p.m., BBC America. At a public-relations firm in London, only the founder (Jim Broadbent) seems peaceful and pleasant. His son (Jack Davenport) is frazzled, especially when young Misha shows up. An aide fumes; a young agent struggles with delivering bad news to Kelly McDonald (playing herself). The result is fast and funny … sometimes too fast, with the British accents. “Ten Percent” also streams Fridays on Sundance Now. Read more…

“Signora” brings smart stories, Foxy fun

Sylvia Fox didn’t really want to go to small-town Italy for her niece’s wedding.
She had plenty of things to do in London. Working for the MI-6 unit, she handled informants worldwide; also, she had an ex-husband with benefits.
But after fuming at her bosses, she departed for the wedding. She would soon prove to be one of the greatest aunts in fictional history.
That’s the start of “Signora Volpe” (shown here), an exceptionally good mystery series. The first season – three movie-length tales – streams over three Mondays (starting May 2) on Read more…