Day: September 4, 2022

“Disney+ Day” goes global

The others had their time to show off. We got elves on Amazon, dragons on HBO, spectacle on both.
Now it’s Disney’s turn. “Disney+ Day” (Thursday, Sept. 8) has the streaming service introduce a flurry of shows in one big batch.
There’s a movie that could have been in theaters (a non-cartoon “Pinocchio,” with Tom Hanks) and one that was (“Thor: Love and Thunder”). There’s animation, via “Cars on the Road” and some shorts. There’s a mini-series (“Wedding Season”), two making-of specials and more.
And there are documentary series from young filmmakers Bertie Gregory (shown here) and Brie Larson. Those two shows feel like opposites; they are: Read more…

Best-bets for Sept. 6: finales for a comedy gem and a reality show

1) “What We Do in the Shadows” season-finale, 10 p.m., FX. A terrific season ends just as we’d expect it to – with chaos, surprises and, at times, big laughs. The vampire nightclub was thriving until its boy singer (who emerged from the late Colin’s chest) kept aging quickly, while his manager (Laszlo) demanded more money. Guillermo (shown here, center) and Nadja have each hidden stacks of cash, but trouble – big and funny trouble – looms. Read more…