Day: March 30, 2022

Best-bets for April 1: crime shows and an opera

1) “Fire Shut Up in My Bones,” 9 p.m., PBS. Long before his big-city fame – including as graphic director and columnist for the New York Times – Charles Blow grew up in an impoverished family in rural Louisiana. That became the subject of his memoir, adapted into this opera (shown here).  The Metropolitan Opera’s first work by a Black composer (Terence Blanchard), it opened the Met’s post-Covid season. The result ripples with passion, pain and powerhouse music. Read more…

Country kid stirred a big-city opera

Chances are, this isn’t what a kid in rural Louisiana expects:
Some day, his youth will be turned into … an opera. A real one, opening the Metropolitan Opera season, with bejeweled fans applauding and bespectacled critics praising.
That’s what happened to Charles Blow (shown here). His memoir — “Fire Shut Up in My Bones,” at 9 p.m. Friday (April 1) on PBS – was the first show after the Met’s long Covid break. Read more…

The Oscars show was a success … no, really

Surveying the glittery chaos of Oscar night, ABC took a common approach: Declare victory.
The ratings “skyrocketed,” the network said. So did the social-media responses; this was the biggest entertainment special in two years.
That’s true … sort of. I’d also add that the show was an overall success; sucker-punch aside, it had clever hosts (shown here), strong music and, as usual, a few flaws. But first, those numbers: Read more…